In business, most work is done through teams of people. If the teamwork becomes more effective and efficient, the business becomes more productive and profitable

Even non-work groups, committees or teams work better with less stress when the members have a higher level of Interpersonal Skills: the ability to build trust, to resolve conflict, to establish rapport, and to give positive feedback.

If you are a Technology Professional and a team leader or a team member you probably were not taught Interpersonal Skills in your technical schooling. Since most of us don’t come from fully functioning families, we don’t learn People Skills there either.  Yet you need to acquire these skills to become more effective influencing others and implementing the technology. 

​Our newly introduced Handbook is the solution. It provides you with the Dynamic Influencing Model as a framework to understand the influencing process and teaches the six skills necessary to increase your effectiveness at influencing others to get  work done. 

Our other services such as Keynote/Conference presentations, workshops and in-house training provide the overview and motivation for people to acquire new skills.

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Theses skills make your your people invaluable.  

New Book

Technical Skills Make You Valuable

People Skills Make You Invaluable.


We all have some level of interpersonal skills. We got this far in life. The issue is that we don’t all have the same skills at the same level. Also, we may not know what the complete skill set is and which skills we do not have. This handbook provides a fame work for the six influencing skill areas. It provides detailed "How To Do It" skills and techniques in the six skill areas. With it you can see where you are with your own skill set and determine where you want to grow your skills. And when you have achieved your gpal.

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We have been teaching Interpersonal Skills to Technology Professionals (anyone with a technical background) in companies and professional associations since 1994.