Dick’s presentation, People Skills Make You Invaluable is a welcome addition to any Technical Conference or Symposium. If focuses on the “soft skills” (really the essential skills) necessary for increased success and reduced conflict in the Technology Environment. Attendees walk away understanding the Dynamic Influencing Model© as a framework for troubleshooting People Issues. They also have the motivation to implement different behaviors to get different results. They love the detailed “how to do it” tools that they can immediately put into practice.


In-house training programs based on his book 
It Needs To Be Done  develop mastery of the six essential skills and change the culture of the team or department. It’s also a great way to shift or change practices that aren’t working and establish a set of customized “best practices” for a department or a job category. An example would be to train the Project Managers and set standards for the Program Management Office.


Dick can also work with you to develop specific programs for your organization. His twenty years of training experience running COMStar will provide insights and success stories that will help you more quickly develop the program that’s best for your circumstances.